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Balanced & Bright’s purpose is to bring a high quality, healthy bone broth to you for your health and wellness needs.  Our Company founder, Quinn Wilson saw first hand the positive effects of drinking bone broth on a regular basis. Shortly thereafter she knew she needed to share such a wonderfully nourishing product with everyone.

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Our bones are  from pastured, organic California cows. Our broth is designed to be an easy to drink tea. You can make it taste any which way you’d like while still getting all the nutritional benefits you’ve been reading so much about. Balanced & Bright’s bone broth also slips easily into any recipe calling for broth, stock or water.

“Not only is this stuff amazingly healthy for all manner of bone and teeth, but it’s rich flavor is delish. It also stimulates and affects hair skin, hair, nails. Anyone with bone loss, demineralization in body or teeth should look into drinking this excellent staff-of-life broth each day. I do… and clearly I approve this message.” — S., Leucadia

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  1. Do you use grass-fed marrow bones for your broth? (You write that they are pastured). I have ulcerative colitis, severe malabsorption and full-blown autoimmune. You list ginger and spices. Ginger is a hot spice for colitis and I have to avoid. What are your other spices to see if I can tolerate. I just got out of the hospital because of the above issues and want to try to heal my gut. I don’t know if you only make one type of bone broth or if you can tailor it to my special needs. THANKS! Flo

    Please respond to my email.

    • Hi Florence.
      I am so sorry I am just seeing your message right now. I never got a notification about it. And yes! Our bones are all grass fed.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Hi again!
    Sorry to hear that!
    It sounds like you would do best on a stock regimen. That means that you would drink bones simmered in water – with no spices added. Are you familiar with the GAPS diet? If you google it – you should find plenty of recipes. Once you have sealed your gut with the plain stock I think you will find additions of ginger in my broth more soothing. I add the ginger as a soothing and anti-inflammatory property to the broth.
    Hope that helps!

  3. Where can I find the ingredient list for your bone broth? Is your beef grass fed AND finished? Thank you.

    • Our ingredients are as follows Charlotte!
      Filtered water, organic grass fed beef bones, organic ginger and organic apple cider vinegar. That’s it!
      Thanks for contacting us!

  4. Hi! I would love to purchase you product but when I clicked on the link to your store it said it doesn’t exist. I live in SD, where can I buy it?

  5. Hi! I’m very interested in buying you product, but when I clicked on the link to your store in said it didn’t exist. Please tel me where I can purchase your product, I live in SD. Thanks!!

  6. I have a hard time with vinegar. It initiates my gag reflex. How vinegary is the taste?
    Do you have bone broth from chicken?
    I have systemic inflammation and I’m thinking this might help. At the very least, it wouldn’t hurt.

  7. As with anything health and wellness related-, there are no static boundaries as to their use and benefits!
    Since those liquids are non toxic-, nobody dies from ingesting a small amount of it!
    My advice: get it-, try it-, and listen to your body’s response to it. look for a change of perception after ingesting the broth: you should feel balanced and bright!

  8. Are weekly newsletters still going out? I haven’t received any since June??
    Thank you.

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