How Bone Broth Saved My Front Teeth From Falling Out

I knocked my front four teeth out in a sledding accident in 1988. The dentist I was taken to after it happened put them back in hopes that they would retake to the root. Five years later my front tooth on the right hand side had died and had to be removed. I spent my teenage years with a retainer with a tooth on it (not awesome). I endured 3 years of procedures to place an implant in my bone. The moment my implant was ready and I had a permanent front tooth – the tooth next to it that had also been in the accident had died. This tooth fell out when I bit into a pickle while at work (really not awesome). So back we went to more procedures and more surgeries. The implants would occassionally fall out and I would have to have them put back in. About 2 years ago I went back to the dentist only to find out that the bone around the implants was degenerating. It was devastating. I cried like a little girl in the dentist chair. It was then decided that I would have to undergo an experimental bone grafting surgery in order to save the implants.

After the surgery the dr’s were unsure as to whether the bone was going to take. The area was in constant pain as my body tried to assimilate to the grafted bone. And it sucked.

Life then threw a barage of unfortunate events at me and my teeth became a subject of something “I couldn’t deal with”. I never went back to the dentist for a check up – until yesterday. Time flies when you’re not having fun and before I knew it 2 years had passed. I was petrified of this appointment yesterday. I almost didn’t go. I felt like a bad teenager that had stayed out too late. I 100% expected to hear the worst possible news. More procedures,more surgeries. Surely my absence from any dental care in the last 2 years would result in me having at least 2 cavities and in the most dramatic part of my brain – I probably had mouth cancer.(wtf?)

Dr. D admiring my healthy and strong bone tissue.
Dr. D admiring my healthy and strong bone tissue.

I sat there cringing as the Dr examined my x-rays. As he examined the “normal” part of my mouth x-rays I started to hear words like excellent, zero decay and no cavities. Then the moment of truth. The Dr scrolled over to my implants, looked at me and said – “This looks great, the bone is dense and healthy”
and I felt like I had won the lottery.

Implants 1 and 2 sitting healthy and happy
Implants 1 and 2 sitting healthy and happy

I started implementing bone broth into my diet over a year and a half ago. After the first few weeks my mouth began to hurt less. The area where the implants are no longer felt emaciated, but healthy and plump. Bone broth gave my body what it needed to assimilate. I am living proof that this type of nutritional therapy is beneficial to anyone having to deal with surgical oral issues.
An excellent mouth with zero decay and no cavities

I also have to mention that I also include a half gallon of skim raw milk into my weekly diet which has been beneficial as well. A whole other blog post entirely.


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