Why You Need Fat with Your Veggies – Katja Heino

Healthy Fats Help Your Body Absorb Vitamins and Minerals

Our broth comes with varying amounts of healthy fat in it. There is anywhere from a thin to thick layer of it in each pint. You can save this fat to cook your vegetables (and anything else) in. Vegetables contain carotenoids that are essential for health maintenance and disease prevention. They also aid in boosting the immune system and are key in tooth and bone health. They help to prevent kidney stones and give your skin a radiant glow.  Carotenoids are  most easily dissolved in the body via the addition of healthy fats. I keep a jar in my fridge with the fat I skim off of the broth before I heat it. You can use this refrigerated fat as needed, or you can wait until you have enough to render any left over broth liquid in it (which will make it go bad if unrefrigerated) into a shelf stable cooking fat you can keep on the counter next to your stove. Aside from all the health benefits – cooking with this fat is absolutely delicious in any respect. I love using it if Steak Frites is on the menu for a party or if I am just sauteing vegetables for a snack.

Give it a try! Your body and your taste buds will not be disappointed.


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