#wellnesswednesday Bone Broth for Healthy Skin

#wellnesswednesday If you Google image “Bone Broth for Healthy Skin” My photo from an article I wrote on the subject comes up before a Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” meme. Pretty entertaining and awfully hilarious.

Bone Broth for Healthy Skin
Bone Broth for Healthy Skin

I wrote an article on bone broth for the Fall Wellness issue of @ediblesd in 2013. My skin was the first thing to change:

“After 2 weeks of drinking bone broth, I noticed the skin on my hands began to look different. Suddenly my skin was shiny and supple. My complexion quickly became radiant and clear. My nails were healthy and strong.”

Our Bone Broth contains everything your skin needs to maintain radiant health. It is rich in collagen, magnesium, potassium, glycosamino glycans, calcium and hyaluronic acid, they all work together to nourish your skin cells. Bone broth is excellent for reducing all types of inflammation, which is what causes acne. Our recipe’s ingredients enhance inflammation reduction.


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